Manhattan English serves a wide range of business people committed to becoming more proficient in English.

Our students have a highly international outlook, and appreciate the opportunities that English provides in helping them access cultures around the world. They recognize that effective communication forms the basis for building strong relationships, and want to be able to express themselves freely in social interactions.
Whatever your level of English, our tried-and-true Manhattan English Hybrid Method™ of instruction can finally help. Hundreds of our students have achieved excellent improvement, with many being able to think and speak naturally in English.

We know that as a student, you have hundreds of teachers, courses, and schools to choose from. But we also know that not all English schools are created equal. Frustrated by the lack of real progress? Break the deadlock and achieve your personal breakthrough with Manhattan English. You deserve it.
We value your time and offer to spend it effectively.
Let’s get to work!
What is all the hype about our unique method of teaching? Deceptively simple but highly efficient, our approach comprises two strategic angles:
During these structured one-on-one lessons, your teacher would identify and address any specific areas for improvement (e.g. past perfect tenses, distributive predicates, and conditional sentences).

As you progress, our personalized and adaptive style allows you to move naturally to more advanced grammar. The universal learn-revise-practise cycle is tailored to fit your level, address any bottlenecks and ensure a firm grasp of major concepts.
Grammar lessons conducted by bilingual teachers
Alongside grammar lessons, you will be paired with American English speakers for highly engaging conversational sessions. Immerse yourself in the English-speaking environment, practise listening and speaking, improve your personal conversational style, and widen your vocabulary range with new fancy words.

Every few lessons, we rotate your conversation partners. You will get to talk to native speakers of American English, understand different accents, and learn about different subcultures and lifestyles. At last, catch a glimpse of that American dream yourself!

At Manhattan English we are highly results-oriented. We make sure you have fun in our English class. But we value your time – and ours. Your progress is our passion, our mission, and our business.
Conversational sessions with native American English speakers
How many lessons should I have each week?
When learning any skill, consistency is key. We help you achieve consistency by keeping our lessons in manageable sizes – 50 minutes for grammar lessons, and 30 minutes for conversational sessions. To fit around our clients’ busy schedules, we also manage a 24/7 operation. Lessons can be arranged for any day, any time.

As a minimum, we recommend a consistent routine of at least 3 conversational sessions per week. If your time allows, aim for a conversational session every day to truly immerse yourself in the language. Depending on your needs, anywhere between 1 to 3 grammar lessons a week is recommends. After every 4 weeks, you can always review your progress and needs, and increase or decrease your weekly lessons.
What if my standard of English is poor?
Congratulations for taking action and thank you for considering us! Learning a language can seem terrifying and intimidating, but it can be one of the most wonderful and rewarding experience of your life. Imagine finally being able to express yourself freely, thinking naturally in English, and speaking confidently. But it all starts with a single first step.

You are in good hands. Students of all levels trust us to help them with their English.

As part of the Manhattan English Hybrid MethodTM, we offer grammar lessons alongside regular bite-size 30 minute conversational sessions with native American English speakers. They are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in an English speaking environment, practise listening and speaking, improving conversational styles, and widening your vocabulary range. Slowly but surely, you will see improvement in your English.
When are lessons conducted?
To fit around our clients’ busy schedules, we manage a 24/7 operation. Lessons can be arranged for any day, any time.
Do I get to choose my teachers?
We pride ourselves on matching you with the best teacher based on your level, needs, and learning style. All our teachers are experienced and trained to an exceptionally high standard.

However, we recognise that learning is personal and that in some cases, the student-teacher relationship isn’t working. Let us know and we will happily assign you a new teacher. We are here to serve you as best as you can.

With conversational sessions with native American English speakers, your conversational partners are rotated every few lessons.
What country are your teachers from?
As part of the Manhattan English Hybrid MethodTM, students are enrolled for two types of classes.

Grammar lessons are conducted by bilingual speakers from Russia. Being Russians, they are able to identify English grammatical concepts and constructions that do not exist in Russian, and to explain these well to a Russian student.

Conversational sessions are with native American English speakers from the United States. Every few lessons, we also rotate your conversation partners. You will thus get to practise listening and speaking to a broad variety of Americans, and gain fluency in an enjoyable and engaging manner.

Will I be given homework to complete?
Our Manhattan English Hybrid MethodTM does not rely on students having to complete homework to learn effectively. Unlike traditional language learning where you may attend a class once or twice a week, we offer regular bite-size lessons which continually stretch and stimulate your mind.

Regular 30 minute conversational sessions with native American English speakers are meant to immerse you in an English speaking environment. Your conversational partners are rotated every few lessons. As such, no formal homework will be given.

For grammar lessons (50 min), homework will depend entirely on your needs and availability. Most of our students do not have the time for homework. However if desired, you may request your teacher to assign you homework. This can be beneficial if you only attend grammar lessons once a week.
Can I reschedule individual lessons?
Learning English is best when there is a regular routine that facilitates commitment. As such, before each 4 week subscription period, we ask students to decide on the days and times for their classes.

We then assign the best teacher to you based on your needs. To be fair to our teachers, we ask that you commit to the agreed schedule. There is an opportunity for you to revise the schedule at the start of each 4-week subscription period.

Allowances may be made only in exceptional situations. We are here to serve you, and try to be as flexible and understanding as possible.
Do you offer discounts?
We are unable to offer discounts. Manhattan English is well-known for our quality of service and effectiveness of teaching, and our price reflects this.
Can I cancel before the end of my subscription?
We do not believe in tying students into long contracts. Students choose to stay with us because they enjoy our lessons and see real improvement in their English.

Each subscription period is just 4 weeks long, and you can choose not to renew your subscription at any time. To cancel your current subscription period, simply give us 1 week’s notice in advance and we will fully refund any remaining lessons.
We can contact you and arrange a convenient time for classes.
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