Top 15 Slang Words and Phrases to Use in New York
Do you want to sound like an American native speaker? You need to use special words that are specific to their culture. These words are slang. Here are the top 15 slang words and phrases with their explanations that you have to know if you want to thrive Manhattan:

The Slang:
1. Link
To link or link up means to connect or to meet with your friends.
A: Hey bro, you wanna link up for drinks tonight?
B: Yeah! That sounds good!
2. Boffum
Boffum is a literal shortening of the phrase “both of them”.
A: What about Mike and Jenny?
B: You wanna link up with boffum tonight too?
3. Static
To have static means to have tension or conflict between two or more people.
B: I thought that boffum had some static?
A: They should be good. Mike and Jenny made up last week.
4. Wildn
To be wildn means to be extremely busy, usually with work.
B: Look at you. You be wildn trying to get us all together.
A: I’ve been missing the old times with all of us.
5. Whack
When something is whack, it means that it’s crazy. It could be in a good or bad way depending on the context.
A: Those times together were totally whack.
B: Yeah bro. It was so fun.
6. The boys
The boys are the police or the cops.
B: Remember that time when the boys showed up to our party?
A: Yeah that was whack!
7. Mad
When the word “mad” is put in front of an adjective, it means even more of that adjective.
A: They’ve got mad static between them.
B: Looks like they’re about to fight.
8. Deadass
To be deadass means to be very serious about something.
A: You deadass about buying the new iPhone?
B: Yeah bro! I’ve been mad wildn in my job and I wanna treat myself!
9. Bev
Bev is a short form of the word “beverage” or a drink.
A: Its mad hot out here!
B: Chill bro. Have a bev.
10. Bodega
The word bodega comes from the Spanish word “la bodega” which means grocery store or convenience store.
A: Lets go get some cokes at that bodega.
B: Sure! I could use a bev.
11. You good?
This phrase could be used as a question or a statement. When used as a question, its asking if a person is doing ok. When used as a statement, it means that person is ok.
As a question:
A: You good bro?
B: Yeah I’m good.
As a statement:
A: Sorry man. I’m a dollar short for the bag of chips.
B: Don’t worry about it bro, you good.
12. Dumb
The word dumb can also be used in a way to say more of something.
A: Hahaha. That dude is dumb funny.
B: Yeah he deadass.
13. Foreal
Foreal is another way to say that you are serious. It can be used as a statement or as a question, like “you good”. It’s a shorter way to say ‘for real’.
A: I’m thinking about buying the new Mercedes G wagon.
B: Bro, are you foreal??
14. Lit
When something is lit, it means that it’s crazy good.
A: That new bar on 11th Street is super lit.
B: Foreal bro? We have to check it out!
15. Brewski
A brewski is a more casual way to say a beer.
A: Bartender! Can I get a brewski?
B: Sure thing boss!
Example Dialogue
A: Hey man! How have you been? You wanna link up tonight?
B: I don’t know if I’ll be free. I’ve been wildn out here on the job!
A: Are you still working at that bodega on the corner of Spring Street?
B: Yeah man. Business has been whack! There’s been mad static between me and the boss. You know what I mean?
A: Are you deadass?
B: The other day, the boys showed up to our bodega. Boffum lookin’ mad serious about something.
A: Then what happened? Did your boss get into any trouble with the boys?
B: Bro, my boss looked dumb confused when the boys started asking questions.
A: Foreal? Like he didn’t know anything? You good bro?
B: Ahh. I’ll tell you the whole story over some bevs. Let’s link up and get lit tonight at The Dead Rabbit.
A: Lit? I thought we were going to talk over some brewskis?
B: Deadass. I need something stronger bro.

Slang is language created with deep cultural roots. New York is one of America’s greatest cultural capitals consisting of Chinese, Irish, Spanish, African-American, and many more. This means that New York has one of the most diverse slang cultures in the States! By learning about New York slang, you are now one step closer to full cultural immersion and the American Dream. Ready to tackle the streets of Manhattan with mad confidence? Go wildn out there!
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