students have already entered foreign universities
We’re a vibrant team of young professionals. Let us help you become a more confident version of yourself!

Many of those who studied at Manhattan English received scholarships.
students we have educated
«Anna is a professional. During 6 months of English classes, I improved not only grammar, but also conversational English. Anna creates a comfortable atmosphere in the classroom and is always ready to explain difficult material again»
– Pavel, Analyst.
TOEFL: 115/120
Experience: 8 years
Reviews: ★★★★★
St. Petersburg, Russia
Expert in Grammar and Beautiful Speech in English.
Expert in Grammar and preparation for International Exams.
St. Petersburg, Russia
IELTS: 8.5/9
Experience: 5 years
Reviews: ★★★★★
– Ekaterina, Product Manager.
«Many thanks to Klavdia for interesting and varied lessons. Claudia explains complex material in simple language. Thanks to the classes, I managed to fulfill my dream and enter the university in Europe!»
Expert in Grammar and Business English.
Moscow, Russia
TOEFL: 117/120
Experience: 8 years
Reviews: ★★★★
– Yana, Account Director.
“Natalia helped me feel confident when communicating with colleagues at work. She is very attentive and it was comfortable to study with her. In just 3 months I have achieved significant results and will continue to study!”
Many of whom live and work in New York. Anyone can become your companion, it depends on your goals and interests.
Boston, USA
New York, USA
New York, USA
Languages are my passion and I speak 3 languages. I love teaching English and watching my students become more proficient and confident.

In order to expand your vocabulary, it is important to discuss different topics during our conversational sessions.

My interests include cooking, international cuisine, traveling, and running. I also own a beautiful cat named Margiela.
When we talk about our interests, we usually speak with energy and enthusiasm. And so, I encourage students to talk about their passions and aspirations. Sometimes, we even end up talking about our joint interests!

My goal is to help you embrace English like a good friend. Together, we’ll get you speaking English naturally. It will be an enjoyable process and I look forward to working with you!
The easiest way to learn is to have fun doing it. To me, the best lesson is when you feel like you’re talking to a friend or colleague.

So I will do my best to make you feel comfortable. Do not be be afraid to make mistakes. They are opportunities to learn.

As a New Yorker, I’ve come to love the diverse cultures of the world. I travel as much as I can and enjoy going to different restaurants.
It’s really convenient, both teachers work as a team and are on the same page when it comes to the learning process. They don’t try to spoon-feed you with irrelevant stuff and always stay in touch, even on weekends. If you you’re fed up with the traditional slow and unengaging learning process, this would be a perfect fit for you.
Marketing Manager
And finally, I’ve come across something really cool! I fancy the way the curriculum is structured – with separate grammar lessons and talking sessions with native speakers. Kyle and Laine are my favorites, with lots of positive energy. You just want to fully immerse in English and come out refreshed each time. I have improved so much over the last 2 years especially through the real-life conversation sessions.
Event Director
I really love the innovative teaching style. I no longer feel constrained by classroom walls. It’s just having real conversations with real experts who help me feel at ease from the start.
I was nervous about speaking with native speakers. When I travel, I feel embarrassed when I don’t understand what people are saying and have to ask them to repeat themselves. I’m really grateful to Manhattan English for helping me finally get rid of that block. I’ve become a much more confident speaker of English, and I now really enjoy the language and speaking with others.
I have been with Manhattan English for 3 years. I really enjoy learning with them. I easily grasp the grammar rules, and then get to practice it in conversation. Highly recommended!
Consulting Manager
Brilliant! I loved being engrossed into the real English-speaking atmosphere, and not going over the same textbook over and over again. Thanks to Anna, I’ve finally succeeded in grammar and began speaking naturally without learning stuff by heart.
PhD student
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